Hi -I’m Phephe!

ARTrepreneur. Inspirational Speaker. Passionate Doodler.

Like most kids, I held a crayon before I ever held a pencil. The only difference is, I haven’t let go of that crayon! Thankfully, growing up I was given a lot of support and opportunities to harness my talents. I even attended a creative arts program throughout middle and high school.

Still, I had no idea what types of creative careers might be out there, and neither did the people around me. Somehow, between my dad being a carpenter and my love for drawing, I decided to study architecture at the University of Southern California. A teacher told me I’d be better off studying engineering if I wanted to have a better-paying career, but I stuck with it and fell in love with architecture.


This led to me working in real estate as a leasing agent and property manager, where I honed my business skills and developed an entrepreneurial spirit. So, when the time came to act on that spirit, I started a T-shirt business with two friends…that didn’t go so well.


We learned a lot, and ultimately pivoted to build a successful business in an area we knew well—real estate.

BUILDING Phephe Rose

While I was building confidence as an entrepreneur, I simultaneously began building PhePhe Rose as a brand and artist. One thing after another led me to building the PhePhe Rose Studio, which houses Brush Up Your Brand™, Brush Up Your Space™, and my work as an illustrator.

These ventures kept pulling me back to architecture and so I finally got my architecture license to bring even more value to my clients, especially at Brush Up Your Space!

Now I’m officially, and proudly, part of the 1% of architects who are Latina and the 26% of architects who are women. More than ever, I’m committed to raising these numbers up.

I’m active member of SCBWI and a past student of Children’s Academy and Storyteller Academy. See Portfolio.

Offers branding and graphic design services for personal brands and select small businesses. 

Offers branding, interior design, and architectural drafting services for commercial and residential properties.


And that’s why I’m…


Being able to turn my love for creating into not one, not two, but THREE successful businesses, showed me what is possible and that I want to help more young creatives turn their passions into thriving ventures that make an impact on the world.

Through speaking engagements, I’m sharing everything I’ve learned to younger generations, because I want them to know that their creativity doesn’t need to be sidelined to hobbies. With confidence behind their talents, courage to persevere, and the right mentors to guide them, there are endless opportunities for building a creative career. 

As a woman of color (I’m Mexican and Filipina),I especially want to encourage other young people of color to pursue their creative dreams, and find themselves in places they may have never expected…like architecture! We don’t often see successful creative entrepreneurs who look like us, but we’re definitely out there.

Come find me in my studio with my bunnies, working on some top-secret creative projects!

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