Hi -I’m Phephe!

I have to admit, I have an addiction to creating. I’ve been in love with the creative arts for as long as I can remember.

In 2009, I started selling art online, which was the beginning of building my personal brand. I picked up how to position myself as “the creative person they knew” to get referral work time and time again.

With sales and marketing training, I built two businesses to utilize my talents to serve others.

Now, my mission is to inspire other creatives to follow their passions.


As I said, I love to create, and there’s a valid explanation of why I do what I do.


My first love was drawing. I was a Visual Art major with SCPA at Chula Vista HS. I’ve continued to work on my craft through self-teaching and online learning.

I’m an active member of SCBWI and a past student of Children’s Academy and Storyteller Academy.

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build design

My second love became architecture. I earned my Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Southern California in 2009, and practiced design over the years.

I currently run a boutique design practice, Brush Up Your Space for select clientele for interior decorating and design, and architectural drafting.


As a result of my first two loves, a third was created: becoming an expert in branding. My career started out in property management in 2009, understanding the value of a brand and marketing real estate.

Brush Up Your Brand™ offers branding and visual marketing services for real estate, specializing in student housing and short-term rentals.

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